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DS/DT - Bodyline shoes


Hello everyone! I recently bought three pairs of shoes from Bodyline, only to realize they were all too big. I’m selling all three pairs in hopes that they will fit someone else better.

I am very interested in trades with the same types of shoes that I am selling in size 23,0

Note on the sizes: All pairs were bought in size 24, which is exactly what I measured my foot to be. As they were too big, I have tried to measure what the “real” sizes of the shoes are and listed that too. But please remember that no feet are the same, and the shoes might fit you differently than me. Consider this when you buy!

- I only accept Paypal (Buyer pays any fees)
- I ship worldwide from Norway
- Shipping is not included in the price
- Smoke-free and pet-free home
- No returns
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages
- I have no feedback

I am unsure of what to sell these for, as I have never sold anything to the Lolita community before. I will list the original price, and you can make me an offer : )


White and brown shoes are SOLD!


Pink shoes

Size: 24,0

Actual size measured inside shoe: 24,5
Original price: $37

This pair was the one that fit me the best, and not surprisingly they measured only .5 cm too long. Still, my feet must be a little strange (wide little duck feet) and they have as large a gap behind the heel as the other ones. But I think I would recommend people with more normal feet to buy them if you normally wear 24,5.

There is a tiny, tiny hole in the pleather near the sole of one of the shoes. It is not visible at all, and it took several close inspections of the shoes before I noticed it. It is only because my boy has an awesome camera I was able to catch it.


Even if I have no feedback to show at the moment, I have bought and sold on the internet many times before. Sadly I didn’t understand the importance of feedback until recently. If you absolutely will not buy from be because of this, I could possibly be able to get hold of someone I have done transactions with, just ask me.

Please ask me if you want an estimation of the shipping cost to your country. Just note that I have to physically bring the shoes to the post office to get an estimate, so it could take a day or two.

Note on shipping: After checking out what it would cost to send a pair of shoes outside Europe, I realize it will be a bit expensive; about $37. In Europe it would be less; about $20 and down. Therefore I would prefer to send them inside Europe.
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