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Kuro Closet Cleaning: h.Naoto, AP, BTSSB

Hello~ Due to a change in personal taste and monetary reasons, I am cleaning out most of my kuro clothing. I apologize for the Pupe links, but I am traveling on a bad connection, and uploading photos is just a pain.

I will be home before noon on Sunday morning, Hawaii time, so if you'd like any additional photos I will take them then. In the meantime, I will answer any supplementary questions as soon as possible.

All provided links come from my personal Pupe girl account

+ I accept Paypal- please no e-checks
+ Prices don't include shipping
+ I will Monday or Tuesday of next week
+ I will ship internationally
+ Please provide your location and I will quote you for shipping via USPS Priority by default
+ I give priority to buyers who can pay immediatley, but I am more than willing to accept payment plans or layaways
+ Offers are swell... but please keep in mind these prices are all ready quite low

Item 1: SOLD. Shipped 4/6
BTSSB Poodle Frills Jsk, black >> LINK
Appliqued poodles with delicate embroidery. Each of the poodles has small 'sapphires' for eyes. Emrboidered in red thread. "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright". Detachable bow. Heart buttons on the straps. Full panel of shirring in the back, can comfortably fit up to 38" bust. Has waist ties but no fixed waist. No zippers. No stains, damages, or fading. Worn once around campus indoors, and dry cleaned, then hung in my closet.

Price: $120

Item 2:  SOLD. Shipped 4/6
AP Kuro Jsk, black >> LINK
Black with black lace and fixed ribbons on the straps. No shirring in the front, but a full panel of shirring in the back, can accommodate up to a 38" bust but is best suited for 36" and below. Has waist ties. Worn three times, I just dry cleaned it and have hung it in my closet ever since. It is still a crisp, new black due to the recent cleaning. Quite versatile, one of my favorite pieces, it has served me well.

Price: $90

Item 3: SOLD
h.Naoto BLOOD Sailor blouse with embroidered tie, black with gray print >> LINK
Bought second-hand, this comfortable blouse has a zipper in the front, and lace-up on the sides. The black ribbons have the h.Naoto brand name on them as well as mascot butterflies. The blouse is best fit for 34" bust, 29" waist and below, though I wore it when my bust was 36" and it fit fine. The sailor collar says "Love's Suicide" on the back. The entire blouse is printed with gray musical score. The tie is embroidered in gray with cursive engrish and a small cross.
I have worn this blouse three times with another long sleeved blouse underneath each time. I will have it cleaned before sending if you like.

Price: $60

Item 4: SOLD. To be delivered~
BTSSB Usakumya Bear Ears Headdress>> LINK
Bought second hand and worn briefly over a synthetic wig. Never worn for a long period of time or out.

Price: $50

Item 5: Removed

Item 6: SOLD. Shipped 4/6
h.ANARCHYISM for Plus skirt >> LINK
Bought second-hand, worn twice and dry cleaned. Black skirt, with chain print and english that sort of shines in the light in a lighter black color... hard to explain. Then of course there is the blue bat motif on the side. There are a few types of soft black lace at the bottom. The waist is elastic and I'd imagine it could fit 34" comfortable max. Looks great worn alone or with full petticoats, dressed up or casual.

Price: $70

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I do believe I haven't forgotten anything~

Sincerely, Cherie
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