Hiyuu (shouismus) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: BTSSB, AP and more~

  •  shipping from Germany
  •  Paypal (EU : Bank transfer possible)
  •  ask for insurance
  •  I'm not responsible for damages and losses
  •  no pets
  •  non-smoker

I really have this stuff to go so I'm very open to offers!

I'll pay all shipping costs!


1. Blouse, pink, L

Like new, only worn once,bought: babys onlineshop
110$ (or make an offer!)

2. sweet fruit a la mode skirt, pink

   new, never worn, bought: babys onlineshop
160$ (or make an offer)


3. Bunny ears, pink

like new, worn once, bought: babys store in paris
30$ (or make an offer)


5. bag, pink

like new, used once for several hours, bought: babys onlineshop

6. porch, pink

used once, bought: babys onlinshop
30$ (or make an offer)

Angelic Pretty:

1. Melty chocolat bag, pink-brown

very good condition, used three times, bought: AP onlineshop
150$ (or make an offer)


2. Miracle Candy OP



1. Poizon Industrie coat, black, M/L

good condition, bought: paris
50$ (or make an offer)
bows are detachable (not in my picture)
(I could take some better pictures if somebody is interested)


2. GLP blouse, black, M

good condition, bought: paris
comes with detachable collar (not in the picture), buttons are sweet little hearts
30$ (or make an offer)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand

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