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!DS: Pink Wedge Shoes with heart buckles(DISCOUNTED)

Feedback on loligothdbs in here.

The following two pairs were recently manufactured, the colour came out wrong of a pair when they were manufactured and the other pair has a bit of glue mark on the wedge of the right shoe, so I'm wondering if anyone wants to take them, can ship right away,  DS closes in 1 week~
Other models in here, available in 60 colours, and can ship within a week~

Model 1060
Colour #60 (Colour Swatch in here), Heart Buckle
Size 40  (Measurement table in here - first table)
Price: US$31.95 + shipping

Colour swatch #62(light pink), Heart Buckle
Size 40 (Measurement table in here - first table)
Price: US$24.95 + shipping

There's a bit of glue mark on the wedge of the light pink shoe(see pic below). Thou nothing major.

Combined shipping
to Australia is US$26.00, US$28 to other countries~
Tags: !ds, offbrand

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