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LEAVING LOLITA SALE! part 1; AP, META, Bodyline,& Offbrand. Bows, a beret, & hair accessories!

Rules and Stuff :)~
~Location: 36117, Alabama, USA
~All things are new or used, but of great condition!
~All things in this post will be sent via priority mail flat rate small box! (4.95 for US states) I dont trust envelopes.
~First come first serve
~Paypal only. I charge Paypal fees.
~ I ship worldwide
~If you need a bigger picture, please ask
~My feedback can be found on Ebay and My Journal.

Country Loli hat! $10 shipped to USA! This is cute for basically anything.

Target beret. The purple color in the middle is the true color of the beret. $15+ shipping.

Pink Head eating bow with white lace. Excellent condition. This was handmade by someone. $12+ shipping.

Bodyline Bow. Excellent condition. $6+ shipping.

Meta cookie headdress/bow. Got from closet child, but never worn. Paid $30 shipped. Ill sell for $27 shipped ANYWHERE!

A super cute spider headband from Target. $1+ shipping.

Gothic Lolita hair scrunchie. Contains black flowers (: $1+ shipping.

(My other pic wont upload, sorry about crappy quality)
Angelic Pretty Headdress. I wanted this for a long time, and when I got it, I was ready to quit... so please take good care of one of my dream headbands (: $24+ shipping.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, metamorphose, offbrand

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