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!DS ♥Angelic Pretty♥ Tartan Set and Dotty Jsk

Welcome to my sales post!

Terms and Conditions:

All prices are in GBP
All prices include shipping
First person to pay full price gets the item
I'm open to offers ;)
I'm open to trades but bear in mind that I'm picky. 
No trades for replicas or Bodyline (unless it's the skirt lacey hearts and little poodles and bears round the bottom :3) 

I have positve feedback on the Loligoth DBS as theegrasshopper and eBay as 52Jagman

For referance, my measurements are B=30 W=28 H= 5'4 with long legs (I feel like I'm writing a dating ad XD)

I'm not really sure how to measure the maximum measuments without a dress form, sorry!

On to the sales! Sparkler the Unicorn is helping me with my sales today, she's proof of ownership :D

First up is the red Tartan Twill Set from Angelic Pretty!

It's in mint condtion, only worn once on St. Andrews Day, I like this dress but here in Scotland I look like an over enthusiastic tourist u_u. The set inculdes a JSK (built in petticoat :o) , jacket and headbow, each is red with tartan accents. I don't plan on splitting the set. If anyone cares, the tartan is Royal Stewert :3

I have somene very interested in the jacket and headbow. If someone wants the JSK i'll split the set :)

From AP's Blog:

I'm asking £180 shipped anywhere but I'm definatly open to offers. I don't really know what to ask for this as I've never seen it on sales before.

Next is a red AP JSK!

I really like this dress but alas, it's too big at the top. It has a built in petticoat. I couldn't find the stock picture in red. Wore once out for dinner and the ribbon in the back is a little damaged from me lacing it so tight but the lace is fine and no food on it! :) Includes detatchable bow which is really cute c:



I'm asking £90 shipped anywhere but again I am certainly open to offers ;)

Thanks for looking and I hope you see something you like. Have a nice day! b( ^^)d




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