Zerda (zerdav) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS? Make an offer to anything in my wardrobe (RARE!!). Looking for Bunny Milk and snow Strawberry

Hey all! I really need money, and im sick and tired of wearing the same dresses, so make an offer to anything in my wardrobe :).But do keep in mind that some of these dresses have rare prints, and are worth a lot. Im not going to sell it if i don't like the offer.


I also have a lot of people you can ask :)


The dresses/Skirts are:
Vampire requiem Short JSK - AATP - 350 euro CURRENT OFFER!
Church gate Skirt - Moi moitie meme 320 usd CURRENT OFFER
Sleeping beauty JSK - AATP - SOLD!!
Alice and the looking glass of time OP - BTSSB
Stained glass JSK - AATP
Plain JSK - Moi moitie meme
Plain black JSK - BTSSB
Plain red JSK - Mary magdalene
Chandelier skirt Black - Angelic pretty

(I havent got the time to upload pictures of all the items, but PM me if any of the dresses or skirts listed above are something you want to see)

Im also looking for Bunny Milk and snow Strawberry (btssb) in black (size s). Let me know if you want to trade it for something in my closet.

I live in Norway, i do have pets, but i don't smoke. All the clothes are in good condition.

I have 62 cm waist, 84 cm hips and 76 cm bust. It would be good if you are about the same size, but some of the dresses would fit larger measurements. Like sleeping beauty and alice and the looking glass of time.

PM me with your offer!
Tags: alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, mary magdalene, moi-meme-moitie

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