dollyalyson (dollyalyson) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: jewlery, Forever 21 Oxford heels

-Paypal Only
-I'm open to trades
-Shipping from Oregon, US.
-Once the Item leaves my hands I am no longer responsible for any items lost or damaged in the mail.

*sorry for the poor quality of the photos :\ all I have is my cell phone

Red Putumao Empire dress
Max Bust 45 inch
Waist Free
Reason for sellind: Not really my style

75499256.jpg picture by Fluffy_Ivy 75502446.jpg picture by Fluffy_Ivy

Forever 21 oxford heels (Black and Brown)

Size: 9 (But I'd recommend for a 8-8.5)
Reason for selling: I bought these from the online store in a size 9 but they ended up being to small.

75495583.jpg picture by Fluffy_Ivy 75495996.jpg picture by Fluffy_Ivy

Stock Photo:

68048800-03.jpg picture by Fluffy_Ivy68048800-02.jpg picture by Fluffy_Ivy

Pink and Brown Bunny Cupcake necklace
Reason for selling: I never wear it, even though its really cute. :\
75499149.jpg picture by Fluffy_Ivy
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