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Attention: lacepetal and buyers

lacepetal: Today(technically yesterday) you said you were going to ship the planner I bought from you by this Friday. Tonight, I see you have deleted your journal. Wtf is going on, girl?

I bought a planner from this seller a month ago and also wanted to see whoever also bought from her and if you are having trouble getting your item. If it's getting to be around 45 days since you've bought from her, I just wanted to give a heads up if you are unawares.

She said she was having family issues and wasn't in her hometown when she put those items up for sale (i duno the specifics). I didn't think it was a big deal since it was just a $15 planner, but after seeing her journal deleted, it's looking a liiiiiiittle sketchy on her side atm. If anyone else has info about her or what's she's sold to you, it would be very appreciated.

Otherwise, if you still have honest intentions, lacepetal, and there is some specific reason surrounding why this is happening, it'd be good to let your buyers know. I received a message in my inbox that just said "You are not authorized to view this comment," which may even have been yours. I'll be understanding if stuff is not working out for you and you had a really good reason to delete your journal. You even let me know what was going on and why there was a delay in shipment and you were so nice about it, I wasn't even upset. Really. ♥

I really just need a planner u.u
Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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