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DS: Meta and BTSSB

hey guys, decided I need to sell these (must buy a Meta lucky pack from yahoo japan auctions....)

my ebay feedback is here (for some reason even though I have sold here for several years I don't have anything on the Gothic Lolita handbook...)

-I accept personal check or money order (sorry no paypal),
-I ship to the U.S. only (possibly Canada if I need to)

first up. Meta school blouse with tie. size 'M"
brand new, only tried on once (will be ironed before sent out).

-measurements laid flat.
-Bust: 15 1/2 inches , so I would say it has a max bust of 32-34
-length: 20 inches
-waist: probably around 28-29 MAX

-PRICE: $60 + $5 shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

embroidery one tie sais Metamorphose

second up is a blue BTSSB apron. same one Momoko wore in Kamikaze girls. I LOVE this one, but I look terrible in it ;_;

it's kind of hard to measure this one b/c it is an apron. It has very versatile sizing b/c it ties in the back. so It should fit up to a 36 inch bust....but it's really hard to say b/c something like this is hard to measure and Baby doesn't have specific measurements up for this......
- bust probably up to 36 inch

-length is 32 inches.
-waist: anyone. the ties are long.

-PRICE: $70 + $5 shipping to anywhere in the U.S.


if I forgot anything or you need more info, let me know~

<3 biscuit
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