petit_oeuf (petit_oeuf) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Offbrand JSK and Anna House amaloli cherry skirt

First up for sale is a pink off-brand JSK

It can hold up to a 40 in bust, but that's quite a stretch. The minimum without looking too baggy would be a 35 in bust. The waist is about 30~32 in. It also comes with waist ties to adjust.

I'm about 5'1'', and it comes down to my knees. The lace is very nice and the fabric isn't see-though at all. I only tried this on once, but never got the chance to wear it because it's not my style. My loss. I'd like to get $35 for this

Front & back, respectively.

The next thing for sale is an Anna House skirt- it's been sold out from the website, but it's incredibly adorable and it gives out plenty of poof without a petticoat! The waist is elastic and can stretch up to a 37 in waist. It comes down to my knees. Never been worn. I'd like $50 for this. 

ON HOLD TO hanniechan

I have feedback on my journal and on eBay under the name "rainbow_gossip".

I am also open to trades for bloomers and petticoats.
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