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reduced prices

This is the second time selling here, I´ve just started a feedback data but as it´s new  I dont have any feedback I´ll put here to prove it´s real: http://www.loligothdbs.com/xxfremderxx/
 also I´m waiting for feedback x_X for at least 4 person

Also all the clothes has the same backgroud in order to prove that are mine, so clarifying this here are my terms ^_^

- I´ll ship from Mexico, within one week receiving payment
-I ship worldwide
-I´ll use EMS for major security
-prices are in USD
-Prices do not include shipping
-I only accept paypal (I do not charge paypal fees)
-I´m open to trades
-I have 3 pets , but they dont have contac with my clothes
-I can negociate prices

Putumayo skirt 
sold to [info]pink_tofu

As it´s all shirring it can fit many sizes but a recoment  as a maximun waist 85cm
worn: just try on for less than 5 minutes

Bodyline JSK

waist 80 max and bust 96 max

Bodyline blouse
worn twice
as It´s all shirred it can fit many sizes

Bodyline socks

Off brand socks

EACH $12 shipped worlwide
pink with cherries

pinkxwhite with cherries 2

pinkxwhite stripes socks  (the true color is alighter than the photo)

bluexwhite stripes socks

dark blue socks with bears
Tags: bodyline, offbrand

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