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DS: VM Beth + Secret Shop Tea Parties

** I would prefer shipping only to the US. International buyers MUST pay for insurance and priority mail.**
** I would like to split paypal fees.**
** Measurements are in inches. **
** All prices include shipping with Delivery Confirmation TO THE US ONLY. **
** I have good feedback on my LJ and on the DBS. I would like any buyers to please leave feedback after they receive their items =D **
** Due to the number of scammers cropping up recently, I ask that you have at least +2 feedback on the loligothdbs or your journal feedback. **
** Highest offer takes priority - I need the money! Otherwise the first person to leave a paypal address gets it.**

#1 Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes in Yellow size M - US$65 shipped 

IDK how to coordinate this so I am selling it and getting lavender ;_;
I bought it new via Qcute and wore it out exactly once.
No flaws.

#2 Victorian Maiden Beth Orange JSK - US$150 shipped

Proof photo
Worn photo (aka why I can't coordinate this thing)

This fits me at a 34inch bust and a 28 inch waist, but there is NO shirring and NO stretch to the fabric, so it's pretty fixed. No waist ties either.
Bought from Tokyo Alice and only tried on.
Proof and worn photos lack the little bows; I will included them in a ziploc bag when I ship it to y
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