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WTB: Ribbon Hair Ties

Shipping: I live in Hawaii and would like to purchase from a US seller to keep the shipping cost down~International offers will still be taken though~
Payment: I can pay with Paypal
Feedback: I have feed back on
loligothdbs as well as on ebay

Hello ladies(and gentlemen)

I had a small incident happen with one of my dresses a while back where the dry cleaning service had damaged one the the ribbons on my BTSSB JSKs. it has been sitting in my closet for quite sometime so ive decided that i would finally suck it up and replace the ribbons.

Heres what i'm in search of:

I'm hoping to find nice simple BRAND(preferably BTSSB) hair ties (in white/off white) that i could use to replace the ribbons on the JSK. if i cant get simple ones like these i'd be open to ribbons a little more fancy ones like these.

I'm looking to spend at the most around 30 USD shipped but i'll consider paying more if i like what you have to offer. I would also like to see some seller feedback since scamming problems seem to be growing more and more.

So show me what you got :3

Thank you for looking~ミ☆
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, metamorphose

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