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WTB BtSSB Longest Name JSK~

Important Notes:

Shipping: I'm in Canada, please make sure you're able to ship to me first!
Payment: I can pay by non-CC Paypal.
Feedback: I have positive feedback at my LJ, Loligothdbs, and on Ebay.

BtSSB The World's Most Cutest Dog and the World's Most Delicious Frappe

Missed out on a sale today. I want this dress as my 21st birthday present to myself, to wear to my party in May. I'm only interested in this version in black and white. I'm not interested in any other colours or styles, sorry! I would also be interested in any matching accessories (I already have the white tote bag already).

Offering: $250 shipped with full insurance and tracking if you respond to this post by May 1st. Can be negotiated depending on the condition.

Also! If you happen to come across it on Closet Child blogs, Yahoo Japan Auctions, or any other similar sites, I'll offer a $5 USD finder's fee if you let me know, as long as it's not sold out on the site when you see it (a screen shot would be perfect) even if I don't end up purchasing it! I'm really bad when it comes to looking through auctions, so any help is appreciated!

Thank you for looking~
Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright

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