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DS: Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, MAM, Innocent World

Hello all! And now for the boring ToS before the pretty items:
1. I only accept paypal
2. International buyers welcome however you may have to pay a but extra for shipping
3. Shipping tot he US and paypal fees included in price
4. First buyer able to pay asking price and post a paypal address gets the item
5. I have feedback Here
6. I am accepting trades but I'm a bit picky as I have I feel mostly a complete wardrobe. I'm looking mainly for Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, and Baby in Black or Navy colorways.
Edit: 7. I try to ship out next business day after payment!

Angelic Pretty:

Twinkle Tartan Pochette Skirt
Price: $105
Waist: 24-28 in. (62-71 cm)
Proof of Ownership: Here

Super cute skirt with a cute pouch that can hold a camera and a card and some cash as well as a hidden pocket about the same size as other Angelic Pretty hidden pockets.

Angelic Pretty Gingam JSK  SOLD!
Price: $150
Bust: 34 in (86 cm) max
Waist: 28 in (71 cm) max
Proof of Ownership:

Super cute JSK that I wanted forever when I got to Japan I bought it but I just don't have anything else red that it can co-ordinate with! Therefore I have only worn it once and since it's been sitting in my closet. NO shering, though the belt can be tightened to make the waist smaller. It's also a little short on me recommended for people under 5'5"

Angelic Pretty Cutsew
**Item will be dry cleaned before being sent out**
Price: $90
Bust: 30-35 in (76-89 cm)

Super cute cutsew featuring detachable sleeves and a large satin bow on the front. I've worn it many times which is why I will be dry cleaning it before I send it to the buyer ^.^ Good for the coming summer months!


Putumayo Purple and Black IceCream set  SOLD via PM
Price: $95 for both together
Bust:28-36 in (71-86 cm)
Waist:26-35 in (66-89 cm)
Waist:24-32 in (61-81 cm) (Fully elastic with NO zipper)


Super cute putumayo set I love black and purple but I just don't seem to wear this enough to justify keeping it in my closet for another 6 months. I would prefer to sell as a set though if someone is interested in each of the pieces individually I will sell separately ^.^


MAM detachable sleeve cutsew SOLD!
Bust:30-40 in (76-101 cm)
Waist: 27-36 in (68-91 cm)

I have too many black and white cutsews to justify keeping one more. This one has a cute print of Alie and the White Rabbit on the front!

Innocent World

Innocent World Socks
Price: $20
Worn so you can see the bows

Knee socks with the cute cutout bows. Won a few times but they have been sitting in my sock drawer for quite a long time without me wearing them so I think it's time they went to a better home!


Bodyline Blue Bolero  SOLD!
Price: $20
Bust: 33 in (84 cm)
Sleeve Length: 23.6 in (60 cm)
Proof of Ownership:
Bodyline Website

I bought this to go with my navy stuff and it doesn't match any of it! Still listed on the Bodyline website as $19 but remember my price also includes shipping. Only been tried on. As the only method to close the bolero is to tie it the bust measurement can be much more.

Thanks for looking!

Small shout-out WTB
I'm always on the lookout for things from my Wishlist and any Brand black, white, or black and white side headbows or double side headbows. Also brand hairbows in all black or all white.
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