that girl.... (vulgar_bunnies) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
that girl....

WTB: black cardigan/boloero/cutsew/blouse

Hi! I'm looking to buy something black to clothe my chest! Preferably a bolero or cardigan, but I'll look at blouses and cutsews, too. Brand of off-brand doesn't matter to me, but I ask that it at least be a brand recognized to be  lolita (even bodyline), not some random department store find. I want this to match a back dress I just bought, so I want something solid black, not even blackXwhite. I'm a size medium to small, depending on the brand, so please include the min and max bust measurements!

Also please include your price and shipping to USA 15668 in your offer, thanks! ^^

PS, I need this by April 8th at the absolute latest!!!
Tags: !wtb

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