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DS/DT two AH pettis, WTB/WTT A-line petti



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I bought two Anna House pettis in a GO recently, but only upon trying them on have I realized that cup-cake shaped pettis make me look massive, and I definitely need A-line pettis.

I'd like to trade these for pettis that are A-line, and not super poofy (medium to low poofyness a word?)

Anyway, I got a black one and a white one in size XL which according to AH website fits a 32-34 waist but I reckon they can go a little smaller and maybe up to 35"? They're very nice and stretchy on the waistband, and very comfortable.

One is in black, one in in white

Here's AH's pic:

Here's proof of ownership:

Trade, or £13 each plus £2 UK shipping, £4 worldwide shipping.

Here's the sort of thing I'm looking for(but only in solid black or solid white/offwhite/cream)

...I need elasticated waists...I'm about 32" at the moment but am dieting T_T

I've more stuff for sale/trade in my journal:

Thanks for looking <3

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