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☆ I'm shipping from USA, California
☆ Prices are in USD
All prices include shipping to everywhere + tracking for US
☆ I only accept PAYPAL.
☆ Please be absolutely certain when purchasing, as I do not accept returns
☆ I will then ask that the buyer send me a "Personal" payment via Paypal
☆ No holds/No trades at this time

☆ I have positive feedback on here and EBAY:
Ebay Feedback

☆ Condition rating:
★☆☆☆☆ - Poor
★★☆☆☆ - Good
★★★☆☆ - Great/Like New
★★★★☆ - New without Tags
★★★★★ - New with Tags

☆ All measurements are in inches.

Warning: I do have a dog, but I've kept him away from my clothes to the best of my ability. Though as most pet hair goes, it gets on anything and everything no matter what you do. lol. ^^;

★ Before leaving a comment, please type "Just a small town girl" into the subject line of your post, just to let me know that you've read everything above. Thank you. :)

Angelic Pretty Bunny Pockets Skirt/Salopette + Matching Headdress

Price: $210

Waist: 24" ~ 27"
Length: 21" to the edge of the black scallops
Suspenders: 32" total from one end to the other
Condition: ★★★☆☆

Removable straps

Back of straps + Removable waist ties


Detail photos:
*Black scallop lace // *Waist tie lace // *Right pocket // *Left pocket // *Polka dot scallop lace // *Back shirring

*Without petti // *Back // *With petti // *Without straps // *Headdress side // *Headdress front // *Headdress + Skirt worn together

H.Jelly Cardigan

Price: $80 SOLD to lunie_chan

Measurements: [Laid Flat]
Width: 16"
Length to tip of tails: 25"
Length to bottom of front: ~13"
Sleeve width: 5.5"
Bell width: 8"
Condition: ★★★★★


Detail photos:
*Front with high contrast // *Back with high contrast // *Collar // *Print // *Sleeve lace // *Sleeve without lace
*Note: The pink areas have a subtle sparkle and that the lace is not removable.

*Front // *Back

H.Naoto/Channel.H Arm Warmers

Price: $40

Measurements: [Laid Flat]
Width: 5"
Length to base of "claw": 18"
Length of claw: 3"
Condition: ★★★☆☆

Detail photos:
*Button of removable strap // *Button to removable claw // *Tag // *Without claw
*Note: The smaller button says "h.ANARCHY FOR PLUS FOREVER ANARCHY."

*Top // *Bottom // *Side

Bodyline Short Jacket

Price: $27

Measurements: [Laid Flat]
Width (unstretched): 12"
Length: 16"
Sleeve width: 4.5"
Condition: ★★★★★

Detail photos:
*Sparkle // *Waist shirring

*Bodyline image

Bodyline Cat OTK Socks

Price: $27

Width: 4"
Length from top to toe: 25.5"
Condition: ★★★★☆ [Never been worn]

Detail photos:
*Print detail

*Bodyline image in black

Bodyline Ankle Socks

Price: $13

Width: 3.5"
Length from top to toe: 10"
Condition: ★★★★☆ [Never been worn]

Detail photos:
*Lace without flash // *Lace with flash

*Bodyline image in white
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, h.naoto

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