nyappy_jojo (nyappy_jojo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

looking for the seller starlollie

Hi everyone,

On january the 3th I bought an Angelic pretty bolero from starlollie.
About two or three weeks after I asked her when she sended the bolero.
She answered that she wasn't able to send it due bad weather and that she was busy with her new job.
Another buyer made a post about it and it seemed that other buyers didn't receive their clothes either. 
So we all asked for refunds, on the 10th of february I received a refund but the money wasn't on my paypal yet.
On the 22th of february I received a message from paypal that the transaction failed, I asked what that meant and it seems that they weren't able to get the money from her bank (probably not enough money?)
I immediatly sended her a message and asked her to try and refund me again.
But now, after almost three weeks she didn't respond to me.

Does anyone know what's going on with starlollie? anyone knows her? what should I do in this situation?

thank you.
Tags: !scammer alert

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