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St. Patrick's Day Skirt for DS!

St Patricks Day Skirt 016

St Patricks Day Skirt 001

St Patricks Day Skirt 002

St Patricks Day Skirt 003

St Patricks Day Skirt 005

St Patricks Day Skirt 007

St Patricks Day Skirt 013

St Patricks Day Skirt 014

This skirt is half-elastic, with the front interfaced for a clean neat look, but the back elastic for comfort and a range of sizes. It has 4 elastic channels for a neat smooth look in back.

The skirt is fully lined and features 100% cotton cluny lace at the bottom hem. The bow is detachable. The mini mini top hat on the bow is not detachable from the bow but if you do not like it I can remove it before sending.


waist: 24.5-36" / 62-90 cm or a little more (Maximum recommended for comfort ~ about 80cm / 31.5" or so) (Must fit over head or hips at max stretch of a little over 90cm)
length: w/o lace: 19.5" / 50cm, with lace 20.5" / 52cm
bow: 3.5" x 8.5" / 9x21cm


Asking $70 including Priority Shipping in the US.

Add $25 for EMS shipping abroad, but it's likely to not arrive in time for St. Patty's Day, so I recommend US only.
Tags: !ds, handmade

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