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DS: offbrand skirts very cheap!


I've been cleaning out my closet and found some beautiful items I hardly ever wear. I hope to give these things a better home, and a owner who will wear them a lot!



Payment via paypal.
All prices are in Euro.
I have feedback here:
And if you buy please leave feedback!!
I will sell the item to the fist person who can pay/leaves their paypal (it's probably safer to pm me your paypal address than to leave it in this post).


1. Metamorphose skirt, white, 50 40 euro's SOLD.
Shipping will be 11,55 in Europe and 19,95 outside of Europe

Has a lot of shirring, will fit up to a 100 cm waist.
50 cm long.
This skirt has two very tiny stains, I only noticed them after inspecting the skirt closely. Pic
The other one does not show up on the pic, it's too small.

 2. Strawberry skirt, 20 15 euro's.
Shipping: 6,16 in Europe, 10,45 outside of Europe

Hand made by an EGL member (sorry I don't remember who I bought it from).
The skirt fits a 75 to 100 cm waist. The skirt is 54 cm long, including the lace.
With petticoat:
Without petticoat:

3. Purple flower skirt 15 10 euros
Shipping: 6,16 in Europe, 10,45 outside of Europe.

Cute off brand flower skirt. It will fit a 60 to 85 cm waist, it might go up to 90 cm but the elastic is a little stiff, at 85 cm it is still comfortable.

 Please check out my older sales post too, a super cute pink In the Starlight JSK:


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