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DS: Baby gingham plastics reduced


Hello and welcome to my sales!
I have feedback in my journal as well as the database.
I only take paypal.
Priority to those who pays first or offers most.
All items include shipping to the US only!
I add free tracking if you're in the states :]
Trades/Partial trades are welcome (feedback plz)

1. BTSSB Plastic gingham accessory set

Price: $90 shipped within the US $72 (set)
Headband: $35 shipped within US $28
Beret: $35 shipped within US $28
Bracelet: $30 shipped within US $24

: I would rather sell these in a set because it would be easier and cheaper but if you could find someone to split it up with then be my guest. Shipping is included by the way as well as tracking if you're in the US.

I need to sell I'd be willing to haggle a bit. :]

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright

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