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DS: ETC Cookie Print, MM Blouses & Headdress

☆ I accept Paypal only (if using CC-Paypal, buyer bears relevant fees), unless buyer is local
☆ Priority goes to whoever says they are able to pay full asking price immediately first
☆ Please send payment either as a Personal Payment or bear the 4% Paypal fees
I prefer not to do holds
☆ I try to ensure that all flaws in items are shown but there may be cases where I miss out something. Please make sure this is acceptable before purchasing from me
☆ I reserve all rights not to sell to anyone, especially those with negative feedback
☆ Feedback: loligothdbs.com, here


1. Emily Temple cute Cookie Print Skirt (pink)

Bought secondhand and worn several times. It is in beautiful condition, no stains or rips as far as I can tell. ^^ Please note that it is not lined.

Waist: 62-70CM

Asking for: $110 shipped via registered airmail

2. Mary Magdalene Rose Lace Blouse (white)

Bought secondhand from a friend and worn once. It is in excellent condition too. Comes with a detachable neck bow brooch and back decorative bow.

Bust: 89CM
Waist: 68CM

Asking for: $120 shipped via registered airmail

3. Mary Magdalene Puff-sleeved Blouse

Bought brand new from the MM site; 2009 release. New and unworn, comes with the black neck ribbon.

Bust: 89CM
Waist: 68CM

Asking for: $140 shipped via registered airmail

4. Mary Magdalene Headdress (kinari)

Bought secondhand off auctions. In excellent condition. No noticeable stains or rips. It is wired so it is easier to wear and not as flimsy as some other similar headdresses!

Asking for: $35 shipped via registered airmail
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