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FS: Luis Vuitton Murakami Cherry Blossom Bag! Make an offer!

It's been four weeks, so I'll try this again~

I take paypal.
I am located in Michigan, USA.
I prefer not to do international shipping, but I will if necessary.
I have some feedback here:

I have here a Louis Vuitton bag. It is FAKE, I repeat FAKE. However, it is a really good fake that I think is quite adorable and would look good with a lolita outfit ^^. If I had anything red or purple in my wardrobe, I would deffinately wear it with it, but unfortunately I do not. That is why it's up for sale.
This bag is a replica of the Murakami Cherry Blossom line from the spring of 2003. The original was designed by Murakami and was extremely limited. The real bags go on eBay for about 1,200 USD last time I checked, so I'm just going to assume no one's going to go jumping after the authentic one.

Here are some pictures (REALLY bad pictures, forgive my crappy camera):


The bag is a deep purple color and has the XL all over it, but it's hard to photograph. The little flowers are a lighter purple, almost lavender, and actually have little smiley faces in the middle of the yellow part :3. (The original design has the same ones). The straps are silver with red lining and have little rhinestones all over them.

Here is a really blury picture of the really nice fake tag of authenticity. The serial numer is in correct format, where the years correspond with the correct numbers (there is an extremely complicated system of the serialization of the purses, I did research haha). It reads "Louis Vuitton [enter] PARIS [enter] made in France" and to the side the number reads "MP-92010"


Here's a pic of the inside...


Here's just a close up picture of the smiley face! ^^ ♥ So cute!

And lastly, here's a picture of the bottom and it shows how the shoulder straps look.

There is some minimal damage to this bag however. There is light cracking along the silver part of the straps (it's pleather I think). Also, a bit of the print on the bag along the edges in the back has rubbed off. The sections are small and not noticable, but I thought they should be mentioned.

I also have a REAL Louis Vuitton mini make up bag that fits in this purse, if anyone's interested. (The value of it is around 50-70 dollars, I'm not sure. But, if you buy this purse, I'll make you a deal on it ;) )

Price: Make an offer! I paid about 45 for it, so I would like around 30, not including shipping.

Thank you for viewing my sales entry~! Ask any questions you like. ♥
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