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AC: Art Commissions, $15USD each!

Art Commissions - only $15USD! Please take a look~

♥ I have 100% positive feed back at the loligoth dbs under my old username, momosugarhime (note: for those of you who check my feedback within the next day or so, there is a mistaken negative feedback there. xD I am not in any way a scammer, it was a huge misunderstanding between a customer and I which has since been entirely resolved.)
♥ I have created over 40 commissions for the egl_comm_sales in the past!
♥ If you would like to order prints, I ship from Vancouver, B.C, Canada.

Looking for a cute portrait of yourself in your dream print? A birthday card for a friend? A snapshot of you and your cat? Look no further~ My commission work is done quickly and is extremely affordable, so you can have a cute picture of yourself/your friends without having to spend an arm and a leg. I'm out of a job at the moment, as well, so please consider supporting me!


please note that the images lower to the bottom of these examples are newer, so your images will look more like them. If you're like any more examples, please feel free to check either one of my two deviant art accounts

main account , and my lolita only account

how to order

1. Think about what you want first! It's easier for everyone if you have an idea of what you'd like in mind before you claim a spot. Makes the line move faster~

2. Comment here asking for a slot. I will then comment, asking you to e-mail me.

3. E-mail me! Please include a description of what you'd like, and attach as many images as you can; pictures of you, the dress you want, your pet, your friend, whatever~ If you're requesting that a print be drawn, you must include close ups of this print. At this time, please also ensure you have funds ready in paypal : )

4. I will notify you when I start and finish your commission. When I'm done, I'll e-mail you a preview of your image, as well as an invoice via paypal. Once you have paid, I send you your files! You will receive a full size JPG, as well as a resided internet-friendly jpg.

5. (optional) - I offer printing! If you'd like your image to be printed, I will gladly create some stationery pages for you at a low cost, depending on how many you'd like/where you live (shipping). You don't have to decide this until the commission is done, of course : )


$15USD - a non-print dress/outfit with a simple background. Cheapest option!

$20USD - a print dress/outfit with a simple background. Since prints take me much longer/are often very complicated, it costs more. Depending on the print, I may tell you it is simply too complicated (aka: I will NEVER draw meta's swan lake again!).

$25USD - you and a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend, no print dresses/outfits.

$30USD - you and a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend with a print dress/outfit.


Five slots open! One image per slot, one slot per person please!


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