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WTB: white bolero, gloves, shoes, and OTK socks~!!

-feedback can be found here: http://www.loligothdbs.com/harochan/

I have been looking for this for a looooong while now

but with no luck what so ever =.= (unless someone has it!!!ToT)
so...I think I will settle for just a white boleroXDD

and also,I'm looking for black OTK socks with lace on top and white OTK socks with lace on top.
I only want OTK so please, no knee high^^U
and maybe some white shoes with bows~!!!*w* but would like to see without bows as well. I'm 24.5 cm.
Sorry but need to point out that I'm not good with heels, so less than 4cm or flats would be nice>.<
and white and pretty gloves~!!! I'm not looking for a specific material right now so show what you have~!!X3

AND PLEASE!!!! DO check your items before selling them to me, please, please do this!!
I don't want more disappointment.

some things are still on sale here btw:

Thank you^w^

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