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WTB: Blouses and cutsews, and Mint and Brown items! AND DS: Closet Cleaning!


Long time, no see, Ladies and Gents! I got married a few months ago and since then I have not had the lovely opportunity to buy any loli! Travesty! So I'm going to rectify that for my 21 birthday. ^^

What I'm looking for:

One (1) - Black blouse *
One (1) - White blouse* OR cutsew*

*Detachable sleeves are a huge PLUS!
No large collars please. They don't look good on me. ><

ANY ITEMS in Mint OR Brown~
For some reason I have started to fall in love with these colors and would love to expand my wardrobe to include them.
(NOTE 1: Socks and accessories = WIN)

Bust - 32 inches
Waist - 25-26 inches
Shoe size - 5-6 US OR 22-23cm

LoliGoth DBS
Sales Journal

Please show me what you have!


Shipping is not included in the price. More than likely shipping for continental US buyers will be $12 since I ship most of my items via the Priority Flat Rate shipping boxes. Easier for you and me. And I've had a crap-load of problems with USPS and so I just don't trust anything but Priority anymore. Sorry. Please ask for a shipping quote though. If you want any other shipping method please let me know.
I will ship internationally but I need your country to get shipping quote and continental US buyers get priory since it's easier to ship within my own country. Sorry.
Please allow up to 5 days for me to ship your item(s) out.
If you need (not want) your items sooner then let me know and we can see if we can work something out.

Payment: Paypal only (I have a Premier Account and I ask that you pay for the fees.).
Payment expected within 3 days (unless you ask for me to hold an item). If you do not pay, the next person will get the item.
Once the item leaves my hands I am no longer held responsible for the item. If it gets lost in the mail, I'm sorry but there's nothing that I can do unless you buy insurance. No refunds.

Trades: If you have something from my WTB, then sure!

Offers: Most of my prices are open to best offers. But please note that I accept the highest offer! So if you make an offer, but someone offers more, then the item goes to the highest offer.

Discount: I always combine shipping!
Similarly, if you have purchased from one of my previous posts and your package has not shipped yet, you can add any purchase from here at a slightly discounted rate.

LoliGoth DBS
Sales Journal

Preivious Sales:
None at the moment.

Non-smoking and pet-free house.
Any questions, just ask.




Detail pic of the collar and tag
Print close up
Print close up 2
Buckle on the chest
Pocket are detachable~!
Back decorative strap
Back of OP

This OP is so cute and just my style, but it doesn't look good on me. T_T I've had it for a few months and haven't even worn it, so it's time to let it go.

Bust and Waist: 34, maybe 36 inches
Length from shoulder: about 34 inches


Offbrand Polka-dot JSK


Front of Bodice
Bottom detail
Back of bodice/shirring

Holy crap, this thing is so cute! But sadly I don't like the way it looks on me. Wonderful quality and really nice cotton lace. None of the bows are detachable, but that can be changed with a little snip of thread and a few safety pins. The shoulder straps are ties so that you can untie and retie them to fit. There is shirring panel on the back so it can fit a variety of sizes. Oh, and the waist ties aren't detachable. Also, if I'm not mistaken this is from Momo's ... shocking I know, right? Bought from another loli on here a while ago, but never wore it.

Bust: about 32-37 inches
Waist: about 26-31 inches
Length from shoulder: about 36-38+ inches (depending on how low you do the ties)



Cyperous Black and green wig SOLD!

Length: about 84cm

I bought this from one of my Cyperous G.O.s before they stopped shipping overseas. In wonderful condition! I freakin' love their wigs, but I have had this for more than a year and have only used it once, maybe twice, so it's time for it to go to a better home.

This is not a kanekalon wig, and it's better than kanekalon. It can't really be treated with that much heat, but it can be washed with shampoo and conditioner. ^^ Cyperous is very famous for their fantastic wigs.

Price: $50 20% off - $40 USD

Preivious Sales:
None at the moment.

Whew~! That's it. Questions are welcome~! ^_^

(Non-sale related comments will be screened for the sake of a neat and tidy post. Also, PP addresses will be screened for the buyers protection. Thanks! ^^)

Tags: !ds, !wtb, h.naoto, offbrand

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