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WTB mint shoes

I'd like a pair of mint colored shoes~ US size 10 please~ I don't mind getting a custom order, but I'd like to have the shoes within a month or so~ I'd like mostly a pair of tea party shoes, but any lolita style shoe with NO HEEL would be great~ I love the ballet platform shoes and RHS too~ But I think tea party would be my most preferred.

I can pay via paypal. Or if you just happen to be in the Twin Cities, MN, we could arrange a pick up with cash~ I'm usually only online at night though, so please don't take offense if I don't respond to you right away! US seller preferred partially for shipping costs, but also for time~

If you really feel up to it, I have a particular dress I want to wear these with (well, I wanted a pair in general, but this is my prompting). My mother is getting married and I'm in the bridal party~ I thought it'd be super cute to get a nice pair of shoes that I could wear again to go with the designated dress. It's from David's Bridal and is the color pistachio. I'd like to it online here, but whatever camera took the photos did a terrible job >_> It looks super washed out in the photos, but in person it looks very minty.

Oh yeah, feedback~
I have a bit on the EGL database:
More can be seen on Dolly Market:
I used to have an account on Pullip Style too, but I think Shana may have deleted that section as she took the BST down years ago >_>

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