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DS/Trade: Meta Teddy Headress, AATP Cutsew and off brand Jacket

Hello! I have three items today Open for Sale or Trade:

Shipping Details:
Willing to ship internationally and I am located in Plano, TX 75025 USA (if you want figure out shipping,w/o having to wait for me to respond) If you want it by Christmas I can always FEDEX OVERNIGHT The Item...  ( I get a 75% off discount on Fedex, sooo it should only cost about 10.00 with in the US)

Paypal at girlfromosaka[splat]


Brand: Metamorphose:

Item: Round Headress With Teddy
Color: bordeaux ribbon/off white lace/brown teddy
bought for: 4000 yen ($35.00 USD)
Sale Price:  25.00/OBO + Shipping
Willing to trade:
Other Headresses (alice bands, ribbon headress) .. or anything of equal value!
Brand New only selling because I don't know how to wear it properly!
stock picture
Proof of Ownership

Brand: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Item: AATP Cut Sew
Color:  Off White
Size: 21 inches Long and I have a 35 inch bust/29 waist and it still is roomy
Original Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $40.00/OBO + Shipping
Willing to Trade for: Cutsews/Anything of Equal Value!


Off Brand:
Item: Velvet Blazer
Color:  Bordeaux
Size: US 6
Original Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $15.00/OBO + Shipping
Willing to Trade for: Anything of Equal Value.. Accessories and ETC.. may be willing to pay a difference depending on item.
This cute Jacket has never been worn. I Bought this Jacket off of Egl Sales from la_chaton_noir  who created the item. Thank you so kindly for looking!
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