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20% off Peace Now,BPN, BTSST, Offbrand

Feedback : http://www.loligothdbs.com/xmadrabbits/
Im located in USA ,CA, bayarea.
My shipping method is USPS.
I will ship international.
Items will not be insured unless asked and willing to pay more.
But all items over $15 will have free tracking!!! not free shipping unless stated
Pay though paypal, no paypal fees
I allow some haggling
smoke free and pet free!

I do have rabbits but they live outside in the backyard and away from my clothes, i dont hug them cause they dont like it XD

Any Purchase from BPN or PN will include a BPN bag & sticker from the store if asked!!!
You will have to ask for it because it may change the shipping cost D=

BlackPeaceNow underbust Skirt: $160 $128
Size S american, M japanese, but it can fit bigger & smaller
Only tried on. I like this but im in need of money

Picture of it Worn: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00185.jpg
other detail: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00190.jpg

PeaceNow Dress: $160 SOLD
Size S american, M japanese, but it can fit bigger & smaller
Worn only a few times, i bought this during the grand opening of the SF Black / PeaceNow store
i feel sad about trying to sell this away D=, but i dont wear it enough

Back: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00199.jpg
Front details: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00197.jpg

BlackPeaceNow BloomerShorts: $170 $136
Size S american, M japanese, but it can fit a bit bigger & smaller

PunkRave Top: $35 $28 SOLD
Size M
Worn only Once!!! vest can be remove and it comes with a matching tie
just notice the claw on the right side looks weird, it is not damage, just bended upward

Offbrand Jacket: $10 $8
Size L, Used

Offbrand Black Jacket: $15 $12 SOLD
Used, Size M

Offbrand long sleeve Jacket: $20 $16
Used, Size M

Jacket Pocket: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00212.jpg

Teddy Bear BackPack: $15 $12
Brand New!!!!! Never Worn, Bought this in 2008 Fanime con for $20
i bought this cause i was in love with his stupid looking face xD

BTSSB OverTheKnee Socks: $25 $20 SOLD

Offbrand/ HotTopic Over the Knee Socks: $15 Shipped with tracking SOLD
Brand New

Offbrand KneeHigh Sock: $10 $8 Shipped

Mini Top Hats: $15  $10 each
New, Never used. There Pink, Purple, Blue

Headbands: $15  $12 each

Disney Music Notes Necklace: $10 

Metamorphose Stationary: $5 $4 SOLD
i believe there is atleast 5 sheets in the package, i never open it. I got it when i bought a meta dress

Tags: baby the stars shine bright, black peace now

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