COURT-NEE (bijoujou) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: all including shipping to the US. LOADS off offbrand!

Whoever gets it gets it, basically paypal first but it's up to me. Whoever  throws a fit will have their comments deleted and will get bad feedback (because it would be considered doing business with you) and wont be considered when I sell more products.

DSC02709.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
Rose key chains (3 availible!)
5usd each, shipped!

DSC02712.jpg picture by Bijoujousell

Parfait lipgloss (2 availible, NEVER EVER USED)
These come in sets of three. So, when you buy one, thats three glosses. I have one for myself. They smell and taste amazing!)
5usd shipped!

DSC02708.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
Thin headband with a knitted bow. It has gold thread through it!
6usd shipped

DSC02718.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
This bag is pretty big! I fit two harry potter books in it, lol!
I can get more of these but I NEED TO KNOW within the next 8 hours. I think I can get about 3 more? But currently one is availible.
12 usd shipped

DSC02716.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
Cherry red pouchette. I love it! I have no red! Im thinking 15 shipped!
Can fit some makeup. cam, and phone. Very small!

DSC02714.jpg picture by Bijoujousell

Headpiece- its a big ass bow on a comb with heart tulle! Ilike it, but I figure it would look dumb....
7usd shipped

DSC02722.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
Pearl choker.
17 usd shipped <full length

DSC02724.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
Cameo Pin/brooch
Actual vintage (maybe its called antique. I got it from a lady who said it was from the 40s. I hope she was honest! It was at a garage sale XD
I would like 15usd shipped


DSC02704.jpg picture by Bijoujousell
30% angora cardigan! Its too light for my pink skin,lol! It was pretty expensive. And I wore it once. Its nice and fuzzy, and it has pearls all over it! Its a sz L
30 shipped? Make an offer? I dont want to lose too much money on it because its in great condition is is an amazing purchase. Im looking for other colors! The pearls didnt even losen in the wash!
Tags: !ds, offbrand

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