bullet_lissette (bullet_lissette) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Brand Skirts, cardigan, Bunny Bear Bag..

Hello Girls,
Friday is coming and pay check comes in XD
*crossing her fingers* And hopefully taxes too :)

I'm looking for either Dark/light print Skirts, Cardigan, Dresses, SOCKS, Umbrellas, and Bunny bear bags - white and black.
I would prefer BRAND dark  clothing though ^ ^

My size is:
29 inch waist
36 inch bust
5'2 Height

Please name your price and picture when you post!!
You must have feed back !
I will pay first thing in the morning :)

I'm also looking for a shopping service for BTSSB, AP, META, IW!
Gosh and I'm still searching for a Swan Lake Dress or skirt from Meta :(
Anyone willing to sell theirs? I'm willing to buy it off like new, I really want it O.O yesss, desperate XD LOL


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