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DS: Bodyline, offbrand

[Bodyline Strawberry purse PINK]
[Bought from another user on here but I never used it ^_^;;]
$30 shipped within the US OBO

[Wine/Burgundy Overdress]
Waist: up to 29"
Bust: up to 36"]
$10 shipped within the US

[Black & Red corset from Frederick's of Hollywood, size 36A]
$10 shipped within the US

[Bodyline Black Blouse with black tie]
[I just received this, but it's too big on me ;-;. The bottom most button got loose, but I sewed it back on. Has corset lacing in the back to allow for larger sizes.]
[Recommended measurements:
Bust: up to 38" (possibly 40")
Waist: up to 32" (possibly a little more)]
$20 shipped within the US

[Punk Goth Lolita dress, size L]
[Tried on 2 times but it's just too big on me -_-]
[Bought this from Hot Topic, it's still on the website "Black Moto Tutu Dress"]
[Recommended measurements:
Bust: 38"-40"
Waist: up to 32"
Hips: Free]
$35 shipped, it's rather heavy! OBO

[Simple black petticoat]
[Also from Hot Topic, PERFECT for those shorter skirts!]
$12 shipped within the US

[Graphic sweater, recommended size XS-S!]
[It can be button-snapped up asymmetrically, this is perfect for Punk Lolita outfit coordinations. The design reminds me of something h.Naotoish o.o]
$6 shipped within the US

[Cream-colored OTK socks with pink bows]
[I recommend these for slender legs (under 14" calves). These have only been tried on, never worn out.]
$5 shipped within the US

[White OTK socks]
$5 shipped within the US

[Black lace gloves]
[These do not go up to the elbow.]
$4 shipped within the US or FREE with $10 purchase

[Handmade Headbows]
Blue Tartan - Available
Blue Polka Dots - SOLD
Black & Pink Polka Dots - Available

[Kuromi metal necklace]
[My ex bought me this but I've never really worn it :/]
$5 shipped within the US OBO, FREE with $10+ purchase


PAYPAL is the preferred method of payment. Well-concealed cash MUST be sent out in a timely manner or you will be banned from buying from me. Payment MUST be received within 2 days (if paying by PAYPAL) or 7 days (if paying by mail-order).

★ As of 2/11/2010, I will NOT do holds due to having to go after buyers who had ultimately "changed their minds" on an item. Whomever can pay first WILL take priority.

★ If you do not like the price, feel free to make a REASONABLE offer.

★ I ship from the US 89134, usually on Thursday or Friday.

★ As of 2/11/2010, I do not ship internationally due to high shipping costs.

★ I am MORE than happy to combine shipping on multiple purchases, on which I often lower the total amount due.

★ My feedback can be found here: http://chiizukeekisan.livejournal.com/7155.html#cutid1 and here http://www.loligothdbs.com/tag/chiizukeekisan/

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