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DS! Sweet Cubcakes Jewelry & accessories

Welcome to my Cubcakes pre-sale post^^
These are all completely new items to the Cubcakes site, yet to be added.
I am pre-releasing them here on LiveJournal ^^

Shipping is £2 within Europe, if you live elsewhere, please just comment me and I will look up the exact price.
Any possible paypal fee will be paid by you but is usually a hardly noticeable number.

I have no selling-feedback, apart from one on a swedish lolita forum, not reachable if not signed in. I do have buyers feedback on both etsy and ebay though, not sure if that counts.
ebay feedback, etsy feedback just click feedback (:

Pearl hair-ribbon, handsown with vintage assorted pearls in pale blue, pinks and off white.
Measures about 10cm wide, if more exact measurements are wanted, please let me know.
£6 If requested I can also provide a pale blue version.

Pocky deluxe Ring, handmade with polymer clay, features two pocky-sticks on top of a whip cream-base, in the center is a small dollop of strawberry cream, and a green bow.
£6 Ring is adjustable.

Heart Cookie Ring, handmade with polymer clay, Cookie with pink icing, decorated with two sweet white wings.
£5 Ring is adjustable.

Pearl Ring, Sweet tulle pearl ring, in dusty pink. Handsown and features two vintage pearls.
£5, ring is golden and adjustable. If requested I can also provide a pale blue version.

Macaron Ring
Small Macaron Rings in your choice of colour, these are just examples. Decorated with a small bow, also in your choice of colour. Can be made into earings or just a charm if wanted.


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