mlle_chantilly (mlle_chantilly) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: EGA hat and other

Hi Dear~

~ I'm in France
~ Price not inclued shipping (French post is expensive, so I lower my price accordingly.)
~ Feel free to ask me if my price is too expensive.
~ I have feedback here and here

~ I want to sell my EGA hat.
I turn to the sweet, so I  sell my EGA wardrobe. I've this hat for long time, worn it sometimes, but not often.  I bought it 100euro (~135$). It is in perfect condition. It is velvet with black flowers.
I don't know how I would sell it, I expect to have proposition. Waiting ~50EURO + FDP
Please make me an offer~

Picture worn

I also my other sales here (I accept trade ^^)

Have a nice day~

Mlle Chantilly~

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