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FS: BTSSB Strawberry Check JSK and Size 9.5 Shoes.






First Up-

A BTSSB Strawberry Check JSK for sale. It does not fit me well at all. I am size 48' bust, 42' Waist, and 60' Hip. Around the bust was way too tight. You can fit in it if you want the squished look, but I suggest someone smaller purchase this peice. It is a beautiful piece that I love and it has been worn before me. There is no damage to this peice it is still pristine. I have had it professionally dry cleaned in the past month, So it is fresh for someone else to enjoy.                              

Price- 180$ + Shipping. Paid 240$

Second up-

Red and White lolita Shoes, size 9.5 us/ 41 eu/ 25.5 jap/ 25.7 CM.

Price- 25$ USD+ Shipping. Paid 55$

Before you send me an email. Please read the terms-

Payment- Paypal only. CC with 4% only. Regular Paypal no fees.
Shipping- EMS only 25$ USA and Canada. Outside of US 50$
Feedback thread-
-I cannot do a layaway. Sorry but I need the money soon and I have other things I need to move on too.
-I am not looking for any trades at the moment
- For any questions, feel free to ask me (I'm more than happy to answer you all of them ^_^).
- I have animals, Cats, Dogs and other critters. If you are allergic avoid my purchases. I try my hardest to keep animal hair away from my lolita things. My lolita things are in a closed off room to all of the animals. But it is possible they tend to get there from time to time.
-I do not do holds with out a cash deposit via paypal that is NON REFUNDABLE.
- No refunds, so please, keep that in mind before you decide to buy anything.
- I'm not responsible for any lost or damage during the shipping time.
-You can see my feedback on I have had postive feedback for 4 years running.
PLEASE EMAIL ME ONLY!!!!!                        



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