mawaruxx (mawaruxx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Everything under $100~!

~Paypal only please
~Priority goes to first interest or highest offer 
~Prices include shipping within the US, ask about international shipping 
~I have a chihuahua and a cat inside. I don't let them crawl all over my clothes or anything, but I will wash and lintroll if needed. 
~I have feedback at the LoligothDBS, Den of Angels, and Ebay.

AatP Skirt

(the white spot is just a piece of lint ><)
I've worn this skirt a few times, but it's in great condition with the exception of the loose button.

BTSSB Wristcuffs
Worn once, great condition

Innocent World Bolero - cream

Worn over a jsk and atank top.
Very gorgeous piece! In great condition, though shows very slight wear around the arm holes and back of collar but isn't visible when worn.
Size Medium, but is fairly free-sized due to the tie front

Innocent World Cardigan - off-white

Worn only once. I lost the pin that held it together in the front, but you could use another cute pin or sew a ribbon on instead

Jolie_Chose/Talia_speaks commissioned Headbow - BurgundyXwhite
Worn once, great condition 

Fanplusfriend Blouse - Grey  
Stock photo here:
Worn once. It came with a few buttons loose, but in great condition besides that  
Made for my measurments (bust 34in, waist 27in, hips 36 in) with back corset lacing.
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, fanplusfriend, handmade, innocent world

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