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DS: AP Candy Border in mint, Baby socks, engineer boots and h.NAOTO!

★ 100% feedback on ebay under icycoldcity
★ Prices are in USD
★ Paypal only (+3%)
★ Shipping is not included
★ Shipping should be between $6-$10 depending on what you are buying and where you live
★ I won't trade or hold any item (sorry~~)
★ If you want tracking, please request it
★ I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages during shipping.

Don't be shy, you can ask anything or additional pictures!!

Candy Border socks - mint ~ $35
-Bought on mbok-
-Never used-
-Brand new with tags-
I thought it was sax! There wasn't anything about the color in auction description, so....
At least they are brand new!!

More pics: Brand name in the bottom ~ Tag is still attached

Baby socks ~ $15
-From mbok-
-Never used-
-Brand new-

More pics: Print ~ Brand tag in the botton

h.Naoto goth cutsew ~ $80
-Also from mbok-
-Never used-
I bought it used from mbok, but I can't coordinate it either, so I never used XD
It has 2 pockets and a cap like a witch's hat!

More pics: Print and small "buckle" ~ Back ~ Cap's lining ~ Using

Engineer boots ~ $30
-Bought on Ling Lam (from Montreal)-
-Used once-
-Size 24 (JP)-
Bought some months ago from Ling Lam. I was stupid and ordered exactly my size. I was brave and used it but consequently my feet went all hurted x-x

More pics: Back ~ Sole ~ Top buckle ~ Botton buckle

~Thanks for looking!!~
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto, montreal

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