Rae (antithesis17) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: [REDUCED PRICES!] Metamorphose Ring, Offbrand Accessories, and Parasol!

The Info: 

All prices are in USD. 
Shipping is not included unless specified with the price.
Shipping to the US only. 
I only accept Paypal. Buyer pays fees. 
I have feedback on the loligoth database here:  http://www.loligothdbs.com/tag/antithesis17/. 
No returns/refunds.
I am not responsible for the package once it is sent out.
First to post their paypal address gets the item. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
Feel free to make me an offer! 

Note:  I have a cat.  She is not allowed in my closet, but if you have allergies please buy at your own discretion

****Metamorphose Rose Ring:   $8 shipped  NOW:  $6.40 shipped

Cute little ring with pink flower and deep green leaves. Has an adjustable band.  I am its second owner.  Never worn except to try on.

Marie Antoinette Style Ring: $8 shipped  NOW:  $6.40 shipped

Beautiful floral cameo ring.  Just not my style, and i have nothing to match it with.

Half-wig/Wig Add-on:  $20  NOW:  $16

I am selling this for a friend who used this in a dance competition.  It's a lovely chestnut brown color and attaches using a sewn-in comb.  (Another LJ / photobucket photo-flip issue, sorry.

Japanese-style Parasol:  $12  NOW:  $9.60

Blue parasol with pink and purple painted floral design and wooden handle.  I am the first owner and have never used it.  Great for a Wa-Loli coordinate.  Shipping anywhere in the continental US would be only $6.50 for this parasol! 

Heart and Key Cell Phone Charm:   $5 shipped

Key charm is about 3/4" long and the entire thing is about 4" long.  The heart crystal is a rich purple color.   

Thanks for looking!!
Tags: metamorphose, offbrand

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