dunkmoonx (dunkmoonx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Coat/Jacket

I'm interested in buying a coat or a jacket. I prefer the colors white, cream, black. But any color is fine as long as it looks cute. What I mean by cute is knee-high length, frills, ribbon, and buttons.

I'm sorry if I'm being horribly broad but I would like to see the offers presented to me. If we're talking about measurements, my bust is 36 in. My waist is around 30 in.

My price limit is actually low, but I've seen how much they cost so just show me what you got and we will see. I really intend to buy if what I see meets with what I want.

I don't have feedback.

EDIT: I am not looking for animal like coats/jackets. Maybe a more classic style.
Tags: !wtb

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