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DS: Btssb Jacket and Stained Glass OP! Reposted for better pictures

Reposted- moral of the story is never post before going to bed, one makes stupid mistakes then.

I accept paypal only.
I ship from the US. Shipping is as indicated.
Prices are in USD.

The items go to the person who gives me their address for invoice and zipcode (or country) first!!

Will consider offers,
just please nothing unreasonable because I'm trying to get something close to what I paid for.

Feedback is found on the loligoth database, under my ebay name elerronyar29, and under my selling livejournal.

1) BtssB red plaid jacket -Originally 28040 yen. Selling it for  $168 shipped to the US.  $180 shipped anywhere else.

Brand New, Never Worn!!! I got it in Nagoya on impulse. It fits me (I'm 36"-27"), but it's just not my style. But it's a fabulous jacket, the lace is magnificent. It's not AatP like I thought initially, but has a piratey flare to it in my opinion
I'd say it fits 36" bust at the max. Waist could go to a 28". Anyone smaller would be fine
Rough measurements of length:
Front length 20"
Back length (to tip of tail) 36"

Stock photos to show back and side. I'm selling the RED version.

Proof I own it under daylight:

Close up of collar under flash:

2) Btssb Stained Glass Series OP with detachable sleeves- $375 shipped anywhere
I don't have the tags with it unfortunately, but it's NEW and only tried on once by me.
One of my dream dresses. Again, fits me perfectly-but the sleeves of the dress itself (not the detachable sleeves) is too small for my arms!! This was extremely frustrating. So finally, after having sit in my closet this long, I'm selling it.
All intact- waist ties, detachable sleeves
 Fits someone of my size perfectly- 36" bust, 27" waist, hips free size. I also have rather broad shoulders and it was still fine. The sleeve width at where the detachable sleeves attach is 5" FLAT roughly.

My photos:
under daylight

Without flash, to show flare

I am also still selling these items:

All under $45, please look here!

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