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DS/DT - metamorphose, angelic pretty

- I don't have any feedback in the community (I've bought from here, but never sold). I do have feedback on my Ebay account here.
- Prices are in USD, shipping not included.
- I can ship on the weekends only.
- I live in a nonsmoking household, with no pets.


I'd like to sell this Metamorphose cutsew. It's lovely but I have nothing to coordinate it with so it's been sitting in my closet!  I'd also consider trades for almost any type of item.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
sleeve close up

It looks stretched out in this picture but it fits me quite nicely and I have a 33 in. bust and 26 in. waist. I can take measurements if you'd like but it's quite stretchy and not at all see-through when worn. I can take a picture worn too if requested.

price: $40


I'm also looking to trade or sell this Angelic Pretty dress! It fits perfectly and is in excellent condition but I'd like to freshen up my wardrobe a bit.

Items I'd be interested in: print dresses or skirts from nearly any brand, preferably unshirred. But I'd be willing to look at almost anything, so make me some offers!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
pic worn

I bought it from another user on the sales community about a year ago and since then I've worn it only four times.

max measurements: 34-35 in. bust, 28 in. waist

price: $120

If you have any other questions or picture requests, feel free to ask!
Tags: angelic pretty, metamorphose

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