Sophie (belle_sophie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Sweet Lolita Accessories + Gothic Lolita Accessories


Sweet Lolita Accessories + Gothic Lolita Accessories

100% positive seller feedback at loligothdbs.
Shipping is included for the US only.
Prices are in USD ($).
Discount for combined/multiple items, including
my other items here.
I have pet fish – they have no access to my closet.


Pink x Black Bracelet Cuff, $4 shipped.

Miss Rabbit Hair Tie, $2 shipped.
Marshmallow Earrings, $2 shipped.
Strawberry Hair Clips, $3 shipped.
Pink Pearl and Cream Pearl Rubber Bangles, $4 $3 shipped.

New with tags Lace Glove, $3 $2 shipped.
New with tags Clear x Black Lace Bracelet Cuff / Arm Bangle with Pink Jewels, $10 $8 shipped.
Spiked Choker, $4 shipped.
Super Spiked Bracelet (One Missing Spike), $2 shipped.

Gunmetal Silver Dolphin Necklace, $4 $3 shipped.
Black Ribbon x Metal Bracelet, $3 shipped.






Tags: !ds, handmade, indie brand, offbrand, swimmer

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