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DS: NWWT Angelic Pretty Soap Bubble Lavender White Pink Mint Skirt

As I managed to find my dream soap bubble op, I am letting go the skirt ~ This skirt is not worn and come with tags and thus the higher price too~ This has always been my dreamlist item, and as I know its on the dreamlist of many lolitas in the community, hope it will find a new home :) AP's skirt has always reminded me of fairy kei and a little spank~ and I would be reluctant to go lower on the price as it was a dream item, and I'm not in a hurry to sell~

I have +36 feedback as allureviola in, can be traced back to my blog , and also sell under ebay and etsy as allureviola. I ship from Singapore, and due to the value of this item, will only ship by registered air. I accept layovers for a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the item. I accept trades, (preferably Mary Magdalene, IW, Moitie, VM, AP) but cash will be my first priority. Should there be two competing offers at once, I will accept the highest cash offer over a layaway or a trade. First person to leave a paypal add gets priority unless there are competing bids, over any questions/ etc.

Those from Singapore will get a cheaper shipping price~ please enquire if you're from Singapore.

Thank you very much!~~

(coordinate on ap site) My own proof pics as requested

Ap soap bubble chiffon skirt ~~ USD $230 which includes shipping to anywhere; sizing ~ 26-27.5 inch~
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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