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A Few Gentle Reminders
Please read the community rules HERE before posting. Failure to comply may result in post deletion, rejection, or warnings.

You are now required to link to a feedback page on EGLFB in every sales post. If you do not yet have a feedback page, please request one HERE. DO NOT PM MODERATORS FOR FEEDBACK PAGE REQUESTS.

Our list of permanently banned users is available HERE for your convenience. Please review it before buying!

Tired of waiting for a mod to approve your post? Apply for unmoderated posting access HERE!

8/8/12: Accusations of scamming, scalping, and overpricing aren't allowed and will carry official consequences. See more here.
13/8/12: Our rules have been updated to ban the sale of illegal replicas. Please review the new policy here.
16/7/12: Please read this post for a warning about buying from Oo Jia.
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Please be advised that we do not allow transactions posted to LaceMarket to be linked on egl_comm_sales. Since LaceMarket does not have an independent shopping cart system, we consider it to be a sales community like angelicpoodle or Lolita Sales in English, rather than an outside sales site like eBay or Etsy. Our rules currently prohibit linking posts from other communities and this rule extends to LaceMarket as well.

Furthermore, as a friendly reminder- please be aware that transactions that originate on or take place on outside sales communities are not eligible for feedback on eglfeedback. Many outside feedback sites have their own systems so we encourage you to use those systems instead.
Queen of Hearts
Free gift with every purchase! Most items under $65! DS: Alice and the Pirates (white lace choker, rare MASQUERADE THEATER ONEPIECE DRESS [Bordeaux]); Angelic Pretty (mint green polkadot bag, country of sweets op [first release], royal chocolate wristcuffs, wine red crown shoes); BtSSB (bordeaux rose garden headdress, rougee spaghetti tank top, rose shoe clips); h. Naoto (Blood / HN+nois gloves, FRILL pettiskirt, HN+nois gothic roses shoulder bag, OTK socks/stockings with teal piping, h.Jelly heart cutsew); Jane Marple bag; KERA Magazines; Metamorphose (black x white rose socks, perfume bottle necklace); Moi-meme-Moitie lace overlay puff-sleeved cutsew (RARE); PEACE NOW Black x White Polkadot Shoes; Qutie Frash feathers & cobwebs lace robe; Secret Shop 4-Strap AP Replica Boots (Red); STIGMATA Sexy Dynamite London skirt; Offbrand Accessories (OTK socks, faux fur cheetah shrug); Offbrand Mint Green Shoes; Wigs (total of 3)Collapse )
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