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DS: White OP, Gingham OP, Black wig, Black ruffled skirt, Sweet accessories!

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All packages get a free gift(s)!

• All items are in US Dollars.

• Method of Payment: PAYPAL only (no eChecks)

• If I have vaguely described an item, feel free to ask me all questions via PM.

• Reasonable offers will be considered. Trades are welcome! My measurements - Waist: 42-43" Bust: 45" I prefer shirred items! Looking more for sailor OPs (Navy, Black colorways)

• ALLERGIES! Please note that I DO have a dog. I will lint-roll all garments and clean everything before packaging, but I do not guarantee that hairs won't be hidden.

• I will ship within 3-6 days! I usually ship all orders (shop included) at once, maybe twice a week!

• I am willing to ship internationally, please PM for a quote.

• Proof of shipment will be given to buyers: tracking (if purchased) OR picture of receipt. Please tell me to include tracking! I know tracking is often preferred.

• Priority goes to the buyer who can easily collect in person. Next priority goes to whomever can leave Paypal address AND pay first! Please be aware that I can decline sales to anyone.

• Open to payment plans of 2 weeks MAX with 20% non-refundable deposit. However, priority goes to whomever can pay in full first before any agreements go on!

• No refunds/exchanges. All sales are final.

• Once the item(s) is shipped, I am not responsible for lost/damaged packages. If I have sent you proof of shipment OR tracking, I have NO control of the package when it is already shipped!

Vintage Victorian Lace OP
photo 3
photo 1
photo 4
photo 2

$65 + shipping
Condition: 4/5
Color: Off-white

Flat Measurements
Waist: 14"
Bust: 15"
Length: 38"
This is wonderfully made dress. This is more beautiful in person and, it is vintage and taken care of. The lace is more of cream color because it is older, I believe. I've washed but not bleached it. There is a small stain that is barely noticeable in front. The picture are actually darker than the dress in person. I love this dress ;w;

AP Small Gingham OP + matching choker SOLD

$70 + shipping
Condition: 4/5
Colorway: Black x White

Bust: 88 + 10cm (shirred bodice)
Waist: 72 + 10cm
Length: 92

Gorgeous old school dress, worn (not by me), the lace is not bright white but it is white. A matching choker is included! There is also a built in petticoat inside. The frilly bust area has a little bit of shirring as well and also has attached waist ties.

Polka Dot OTK

$10 + shipping
Condition: NEW
One size

Cute Alpaca Pouch - SOLD

⊂((・x・))⊃ ⊂((・x・))⊃

$10 + shipping
Condition: NEW
Zipper with deep pouch. Purple clip hook for attaching to your backpacks or anything with a loop! A lace or thin strap can be threaded into the loop and can be used as a mini purse~

Purple Pink Ribbon Brooch - SOLD
$10 + shipping
Condition: New
Clips: Pin and clips (2 way brooch)
Wonderful sweet accessory for cardigans, sweaters, and hair clips. Bought from a booth called FRILL.

Black WigS
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
MEDIUM, curly- $15 + shipping - SOLD
The wig has really nice curls and does not give off a fake shine. It is a bit frizzy and the bangs are fringed.

LONG, straight-$20 $17 + shipping

Both - $33 shipped in US

Black Ruffled Skirt
(Handmade, not by me; has damages)
$30 + shipping

This is was a lovely bustle back skirt that was handmade by someone. Beautiful detail, photo one. The skirt is a heavy with nice fabric. If you are good with sewing you can also cover up the flaws with a bustle back. I bought this skirt for $45 and I did not know that it would have a bustle back. However, there are now flaws to it, which is why I lowered the price to $30. The front is perfectly fine and looks beautiful. The bustle back was taken off amateurishly by a so called 'seamSTRESS' The back has tiny holes like photo two some of that is extra thread. The waistband has cut fabric that wasn't taken out, photo three. I'm happy that this is really black and you cannot see these flaws not even a few feet away! I want to rid of this skirt--It just makes me frustrated. >o<

Waist: 25 ~ 40 inches
Length: 20 inches

Jabot Chiffon Blouse
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
$20 + shipping

Bust: most comfortable at 42"
Waist: max 45"

There is dark mark on the button (3rd picture) and slight makeup on the collar. I will wash this again before shipping out! Other than that, this blouse is in lovely condition!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:black, color:cream, item:accessory, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece, item:wigs, offbrand
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