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DS: Partial leaving lolita sale! Some rare items!


Shipping: I ship worldwide! Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated. Items will be shipped within 2 weeks of payment. (this is to allow time to have the items taken to the dry cleaners and also to be packed and taken to the post office.)
Cleanliness: I have a cat whose fur likely could have floated onto the items I have for sale, but I will dry-clean all items before shipping.
Payment: I am willing to do holds for up to a week or payment plans as long as the item can be paid off within three months from the date the first payment.
Negotiation: Feel free to offer me a lower price for any item so long as it is a reasonable amount.
Thank you!!

My proof of ownership:


Metamorphose Twinkle Journey JSK in Navy

I was the second owner of the JSK, but the first owner never wore it and I received it with the tags still on.
I've worn it about 5 times total over the course of about 3 years. I'm sad to see it go, but I haven't worn it in quite some time, so I'd rather it go to a good home where it can be fully enjoyed~ There is a small burn mark on the waist bow where it was accidentally ironed on a heat setting that was too high, but it is not very noticeable. The picture is included below of the burn.

Bust: 93cm-?
Waist: 74cm-?
It has back shirring and lacing, so it can stretch quite a bit bigger an shrink a bit smaller than the base measurements
Price: $350 shipped On a pending payment plan

twinkle journey

picture of burn on bow:


Alice and the Pirates Misty Night Royal Game OP in Brown
This dress is a gorgeous long sleeved OP that is perfect for cool weather. It has burgundy and cream accents in the print, so it is really fun to create unique coordinates with it! I am the first owner and it has been worn 3 times. There is no shirring, but it has waist ties to shrink the waist.

Bust: aprox. 92cm
waist: approx.73cm
Price: $350 OBO

misty night

Chantilly Black and Gold OTK socks
The gold part on the socks is glittery and they are scalloped on the top. I am the first owner and I've worn them about 6 times. There is a little bit of discoloring on the bottom of the foot part, but it is very minor and not noticeable when worn.

Price: $20 shipped SOLD

chantilly socks

H.Naoto Sixh. Unisex Jacket

There were only about 4 of these made! I was able to get one by purchasing it From The Sixh. fashion show in Anaheim a couple of years ago. It has the Sixh. Logo embroidered on the back and has adjustable zippers on the hood to make it a collared jacket and size adjusting zippers on the front. it has leather embellishments and is very warm!

Measurements: aprox. 95cm (zipped at the tightest zipper)- 100cm zipped at the loosest
Price: $200 shipped OBO
photo (5)
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