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DS: A metric buttload of brand and LP leftovers; super cheap and direct from Japan

All items include international SAL shipping from Tokyo,Japan if you can pay by January 9th at 5pm Japan time. No bartering, no trades, no holds. I'm in a rush to sell these before I head home this weekend. If you cannot pay until after this date then shipping will be extra and it will be shipped from Canada after the 12th. Priority will go to whoever can pay first. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours or I will go to the next in line and leave negative feedback.

My feedback is here.

Due to the time crunch I cannot provide additional pictures or measurements. I'll try my best with questions but I can only check twice a day. If you wait until after I return home on the 12th, I will be able to take more pics and measurements, but you won't get quite as low a price due to the shipping deal.

All items will be shipped from Toronto, Canada from now on as I have returned home from my trip. ^^

I have a catShe isn't allowed into my walk in closet where I keep my loli clothes, but she is an explosive shedder, so keep this in mind if you have severe cat allergies.

Prices are in US$.

Layaway is available with a $20 non-refundable deposit (sent as a paypal "gift") for up to 2 months.  You can lay out how many payments/payment amounts.  I'm flexible as long as there is good communications.  All payments must be sent as "gift" as they are non-refundable.  However, if you agree to pay the paypal fees, I will happily send invoices for however many
payments you need/want.

Preference may be given to buyers from US and Canada due to long international shipping times, but I usually go with whoever is first to ask to be invoiced gets first dibs.  I reserve the right to give preference to a US/Canadian buyer if the sale hasn't been finalized with invoicing.

Shipping (packages are usually shipped within 2-3 business days; however, my work schedule recently changed, so it may sometimes take up to a week for me to ship, but I always try to get it done sooner rather than later if I get any say in the matter.)
$10 for small items, accessories, blouses and light skirts via Tracked Packet (insured and tracked).  $16 for heavy items.

$10 for small accessories or $17 for clothing via Small Packet Airmail (no tracking or insurance)
$15 for small accessories or $21 for clothing via Tracked Packet (insured for up to $100 and tracked)

$11 for small accessories or $20 for clothing via Small Packet airmail (no tracking or insurance) for up to 500g.  Heavier items will cost more to ship, so please ask for a quote.
Tracked shipping is available by Tracked Packet and EMS, which start at $35 and $60 respectively.

Combined shipping is available worldwide, so please ask for a quote if you are buying more than one item. ^^

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for lost parcels if no tracking number is purchased (although, of course I will do what I can to help if something does happen).  If you want a tracking number or full insurance (more than $100 needed), please request Expedited Parcel shipping or EMS.

Package value can be marked down, but please keep in mind that the package can only be insured for the amount declared, so if you want a $100 item marked down to $40 on the package, it can only be insured for $40.  Please let me know if you want the value marked down before or at the same time you request an invoice and also include what amount you want the value to be marked as.

My dressform measures (for reference purposes only)
Bust: 35in/89cm
Waist: 27in/69cm
Hips: 37in/94cm
Girth: Approx. 60-62in (hard to measure since it has no "crotch" to measure around properly...)
This pretty much matches a US Medium/US 6/UK 10.  It's girth also matches mine very closely and I'm 5'7"/170cm, so it is not a "petite" size mannequin like what you'd find in the brands' stock pictures.

Feedback (and lots of it):

No holds. First to invoice gets first dibs.

AP Candy Sprinkles Special Pack Coat in black. $140US
Lolibrary Entry
Brand new. Don't need the coat from my pack.

AP Candy Sprinkles LP Blouse in white. $65US  SOLD
Lolibrary Entry
Brand new.

Full size pic

Meta Apple Switching Scalloped Dress in black with matching hair barrette $100US shipped SOLD
Used in excellent condition. Soft corduroy fabric with shirred shoulders, back shirring and corset lacing.

AatP Stars Bonnet in black $45US shipped SOLD
Brand new. Got as a duplicate in a lucky pack. Flocky stars in black on black on the front and a constellation print in the other side.
Back view

AatP Bonnet in lavendar $35US shipped. 2 available BOTH SOLD
Brand new. Got in TRIPLICATE in my I think it's the St. Mephisto Cathedral print?
Full size pic

AatP Ribbon Boston Purse in black $70US shipped SOLD
Brand new. Got it with an LP but I got a ton of purses already. Nice and big. Great for a school bag.

AP Heart Purse in black (bottom left) $75US SOLD
Brand new. I got 2 AP LPs so I wound up with 2 of these. Only have use for 1.

AatP Small Cross Body Purse in black (middle left) $55US shipped SOLD
Brand new. Another LP item. Has the AatP logo printed in white on the front.

AP Faux Suede Purse in pink (bottom middle) $60US shipped SOLD
Brand new. Yet another unwanted LP item. Very cute and well made. Was selling as regular stock in stores still so not sure how it got into an LP...

Liz Lisa Coat in beige. $110US  Unavailable
Brand new. Actually my friend's but we're travelling together and staying together so I have it in my posession. Standard Liz Lisa sizing so I wouldn't recommend fora big bust. Excellent quality and should make a good winter coat for regular wear. The bows are pockets.
AP Etoile Twins Chiffon JSK in pink with matching headbow  $180US  SOLD
Lolibrary Entry
Brand new. My friend and I both got this in a special pack and neither of us wear this colour. Shirred in the back and the pearl shoulder straps are removable as is the small modesty panel on the chest (removing it makes it into a sweetheart neckline). Removable waist ties as well.

AP Sailor cut-sew OP in beige $90US shipped SOLD
Brand new. Managed to find it in a different colour so I'm selling this one. Very stretchy and very comfy.
BTSSB Salopette Shorts in red plaid. $60US  SOLD
Brand new. Might have come with a belt as there are belt loops but I received it without any.

BTSSB White Polkadot JSK in red. $90US  SOLD
Brand new. Tulle trim at the bottom.

AatP bonnet in bordeaux. $40US  SOLD
Brand new. I got too many bonnets in my LPs... I THINK this is from the recent halloween town print.
AatP Convertible Swallowtail Vest in black with white, pink and red stripes. $70US shipped SOLD
Brand new. Got as another LP duplicate. The tails are removable.

AatP Chiffon Stars Convertible Apron Skirt in navy blue with pink stars. $70US  SOLD
Lolibrary Entry
Brand new. LP duplicate. The apron is detachable. There are star shaped pockets on the front.

BTSSB Cherry Eyelet Lace OP in pink. $80US SOLD
Lolibrary Entry
Brand new. Unwanted LP item since I don't wear pastel pink.

BTSSB Wired Head Eating Bow in navy blue and white lace. $35US  SOLD
Lolibrary Entry
Brand new. LP item that I have nothing to match.

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