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DS: Innocent World "Isabel" OP,R-Series OP, HMHM skirt,shirt and cutsew, Surfacespell, Axes Femme

Welcome to my sales post!
Please take a look! :)

1. Innocent World Isabel OP

£145 £125 shipped to uk,
£155 £135 shipped worldwide

07 (4)
Bust 94cm max
78cm max
Short version
No shirring or lacing on the back
I am the first owner, worn only once

2. R-Series OP
£70 £56 £45 shipped within UK
£80 £64 £55 shipped worldwide

Bust 84cm max
Waist 74cm max
No shirring on the back
Worn and washed couple of times

3. HMHM skirt
£40 £32 £25 shipped within UK
£50 £40 £35 shipped worldwide

Waist 90cm max
Lenght 55cm

4. Surfacespell floral  A-line skirt
£28 shipped to UK
£38 shipped worldwide
Surfacespell size L
Waist 82cm max
Lenght 55cm

5. HMHM white cutsew
£15 shipped to UK
£20 shipped worldwide
Made from elastic cotton cutsew fabric
Waist 95cm max streched
Bust 95cm max streched

Never worn by me, got it second hand off comm sales ages ago though.
It had black ribbons incorporated in bib lace, but I removed it...

6. HMHM long sleeve white shirt
£30 £20 shipped within UK
£35 £25 shipped worldwide

Brand new, never worn. Got it from HMHM directly.
It has red dressmakers marks where buttons are, they will come off in washing
(I didnt try as I didnt wore it)
Waist 80cm max
Bust 94cm max

7.Surfacespell cotton shirt in cream
£25 shipped to UK
£30 shipped worldwide

Worn and washed couple of times.
Needs ironing :)
Waist 82cm max
Bust 90cm max

8. 69th Department cotton shirt
army gray green colour

£15 shipped to uK
£20 shipped worldwide
Brand new, never worn.
It's too small for me.
Bust 92cm max
Waist 70cm max

9. Offbrand Taobao cotton shirt in white
£12 shipped to UK
£15 shipped worldwide
Worn and washed couple of times,
some discolouring under armpits (see photo)
Made from elastic cotton
Waist 74cm max
Bust 88cm max

10. Axes Femme winter jacket
£35 shipped to UK
£45 shipped worldwide
(heavy item.....)

Bought brand new from Yahoo auctions, unfortunately too big for me.
Very nice and thick wool material with a bit of sparkle.
Waist 96cm max
Bust 96cm max

And now the boring but important bit:

* I ship from UK and all the currencies are in British Pounds

* I accept ONLY Paypal (NO E CHEQUES!)

*I can combine shipping costs for more than two items which means lower total price!

* I always keep a proof of postage (recipt).
I try to post everything using the cheapest simple shipping (air mail),
but if you wish I can post your parcel tracked, recorder with additional cost (please ask!)

* After shipping, I have no control over the parcel and I can't be responsible for lost and damaged parcels.
Morover if the parcel would be lost (fingers crossed!) unfortunately I won't be able to give refund

* I have two  cat so please be aware of that when deciding to buy from me!
I do keep them away from my Lolita clothes but there might be a chance that you will find one or two kittie hair :)

* I accept payment plans!
I will require a non refundable £50 deposit payed upfront.

* My feedback link is here:http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1368728.html

Thank you for checking my listing!
Mini Mo

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